Maurizio Bertoli

Maurizio Bertoli (1944 - 2008)

Maurizio Bertoli was the principal founder of MarbleCleaning.org and one of the most well-known names in the stone industry. His expertise has been relied upon by some of the world's most prestigious clients from the Architect of the Capital in Washington, DC to Walt Disney World.

Maurizio is the author of the book, Stone Restoration According to Maurizio Bertoli and has trained and and supported a large number of the stone restoration contractors in business today.

In addition to contributing his dedicated support of marblecleaning.org and providing his expertise to "Ask Maurizio"™ Maurizio led conferences and seminars through the ITCS, delivering important stone related education.

Fred Hueston

Fred Hueston

In addition to volunteering his time to answer consumer questions at marblecleaning.org, Fred Hueston serves as the Chief Technical Director at www.stoneandtilepros.com and provides inspections, professional consultations and expert witness services through his consulting firm, Fred Hueston & Associates (www.stoneforensics.com).

You can learn more about him by reading his bio at www.stoneforensics.com/hueston_fred.html

Fred Hueston

Reg Pinto

Reg has worked for renowned stone companies and earned his reputation as arguably one of the most qualified stone masons in Western Australia. However, he also realized that in as much as natural stone is beautiful and highly sought, its natural chemical makeup requires special care and maintenance.

The inquiries coming in from his customers about the maintenance requirements of the stone he’s been installing in their dwellings became too numerous to be ignored. Reg felt the need to complete his professional image by extending his offering of services into the maintenance part of the trade.

He currently owns and manages a successful restoration company, The Stone Doctor Pty Ltd. Over the years he has dedicated himself in research and private studies to extend his education in earth science (petrography and chemistry applied to minerals).