There are a few stone industry trade associations representing every operating group: from the quarries, to the processing plants, to the distributors and installers and beyond. Everyone is represented except the consumer. wants to change that by giving you, the consumer, a fair chance to be represented within the stone industry establishment. The collective voice of the consumer is a powerful tool and the only one that can effect changes and demand that credible industry guidelines and standards be obtained.

The establishment of these standards means the consumer will no longer be forced to navigate through a sea of uneducated salespeople and mislabeled stone. Or to pay top dollar for sub-standard quality because there is no standard grade of stone or tile.

Our purpose is simple: to help regulate and standardize the industry—from quarry to distribution to installation to maintenance—using a totally different approach: by gathering end-users’ input, your input, through your questions, reported problems, etc. Not only will we be gathering your input and bringing it to the industry establishment’s attention, but we will also offer them our cooperation in the form of suggested guidelines and standards. wants to represent you, the consumer, within the stone industry establishment. But in order to represent you, we need your support!

Enter your name and city information in the Consumer Initiative Support Form below. Inclusion of your email address is optional.  We do not need your address or phone number as this is NOT a sales pitch. However, if you have any specific comments and you would like to contribute, this is the best place to do so.

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unconditionally support the STONE INDUSTRY CONSUMER INITIATIVE and as a consumer (owner or owner-to-be of natural stone) or professional in the industry that recognizes the need for standards, I also ask to represent me to the stone industry establishment.

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